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    MNSAT President
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  • Dr.Kayyali Mohamed
    KSF Space
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About KSF Space

A non profit foundation registered in the U.K., the KSF Space was initially founded to enable cost-efficient access from low earth orbit to geostationary orbit with zero-environmental impact flying solutions, offering access to space for research and scientific experiments in many fields, as earth or space observation, biological testing, satellite positioning detection, earth magnetic field measurement, radio transmit, atmosphere science and technology experiment.

The foundation steered by volunteering members from major space agencies and industry like NASA, ESA, JAXA, SpaceX and universities. The foundation encourage universities to develop R&D missions using nano-satellites and micro-satellites, where nano-satellites become one of the most important role in developing future scientific space mission.

MNSAT Conference founded as one of KSF’s activities to promote and encourage young space researchers, scientists, experts and engineers to collaborate, present and share publications and ideas, MNSAT starts as MNSAT’17. More info about KSF Space, visit



About IEEE

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE, pronounced “I triple E”)[2] is a professional association with its corporate office in New York City and its operations center in Piscataway, New Jersey. It was formed in 1963 from the amalgamation of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers. Today, it is the world’s largest association of technical professionals with more than 400,000 members in chapters around the world. Its objectives are the educational and technical advancement of electrical and electronic engineeringtelecommunicationscomputer engineering and allied disciplines.



ENSIAS (Higher school of information systems and analysis) one of leading higher institutes in Morocco & North Africa offering engineering degrees, master and PhD degrees in computer science , electronics and information analysis, the school held many international events with IEEE, IBM, Intel, Green ICT Standard and also international innovation management competitions. The school has formed international collaboration level with many schools and universities like, France, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Canada & USA.