Space Week 2018

International Conference on Micro- and Nano- Satellites 2018


CNRST, Rabat, Morocco

  • Day 1: November 19, 2018

    09H00-09H30 Registration
    09H30-10H00 Opening Ceremony
    10H00- 13H15 Keynotes Session I
    10H00-10H30 Rick Tumlinson, Space Frontier Foundation, USA, The Revolution of Space
    10H30-10H45 Coffee & Networking Break
    10H45-11H15 Holly Melear, STEAMSPACE, USA, Building The Pipeline to Space: Our Next Leaders
    11H15-11H45 Ronnie Barnard, Interstellar Space & R&D Officer KSF Space, USA, SATORI Spike Engine Model Concept
    11H45-12H15 Luis Gerardo Zárate, Datiotec Aerospace, Mexico, KSF Space member, Small Satellites and the IoT Revolution
    12H15-12H45 Anas EMRAN, CRASTE-LF, Morocco, Study and analysis the current situation of Earth : Observation in the African French- Speaking Countries in benefit of the training program of CRASTE-LF
    12H45-13H15 Mohammad Rayyan, Director EMEA at Astrolabe Space, USA, The life cycle of Satellite
    13H15-14H00 Lunch & Networking Break
    14H00- 15H00 Keynotes Session II
    14H00-14H30 Ashraf Abushady, GIS Officer, UN, Austria, The Global Challenge – Reaching SDGs from Space
    14H30-15H00 Jacob Wade, DoD, USA, KSF Space, NEP Officer, NanoSatellite Engineering Professionals Certification NEP Certification (Skype)
    Room 1
    14:00 – 17:00
    International workshop on “Hands On – Building NanoSatellite” (Registred Participants ONLY)
    Room 2
    14:00 – 17:00
    Workshop STEM Space (Free of Charge)
    15H00-16H00 Session I
    15H00-15H10 Senhaji Saloua, UPF, Fes, Morocco, 1st Near Space CubeSat Mission for UPF
    15H10-15H20 Mohamed El Fezzazi, DHL Tracking Via Satellite: Case Story
    15H20-15H30 Ahmed Alhasem and Mohammad Alsahli, Kuwait University, Vulnerability of Kuwait Coast to Sea-Level Rise
    15H30-15H40 Djamal Darfilal, Mourad Bouketita, and Benzeniar Haider, Satellites Development center CDS Oran, Algeria, Design of a RESISTOJET propulsion system for small satellite
    15H40-15H50 Karim Zouaq, INPT, Morocco, An Improved Design of Phase-Frequency Detector for Low Power DLL
    15H50-16H00 Atman Ait Lamqadem and Hafid Saber, Chouaïb Doukkali University, Morocco, Landsat data and spectral mixture analysis for the monitoring of the the agricultural land use evolution in Southeastern Morocco.
    16H00-16-15 Coffee & Networking Break
    16H15-18H35 Session II
    16H15-16H25 Faiq Gmira, Sabbar, Wafae, Hraoui Said, and Jarrar Ouilidi Abderrahmane, Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University, Fez, Morocco, A New Dynamic Image Scrambling Template Based on an Unspecified-Updatable Database of Encryption
    16H25-16H35 Hanane Allioui, Mohamed SADGAL and Aziz EL Fazziki, Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco, Agent Based modeling for an intelligent 3D image processing system: A case study
    16H35-16H45 Ali Aydda, Omar Althuwaynee and Badal Pokharel, Ibn Zohr University, Morocco / TribhuvanUniversity, Nepal, An easy method for barchan dunes automatic extraction from multispectral satellite data
    16H45-16-55 Nabil Nissar,Najib Naja, and Jamali Abdellah, Hassan 1st University / INPT, Morocco, Towards Secure SDN-based VANETs Paradigm
    16H55-17H05 Amine Moulay Taj, Abdelmoula Abouhilal, and Abdessamad Malaoui, Sultan Moulay Slimane, Morocco, Study and Test of a New Method Mixing Theoretical Teaching and Practical Works for Technical University students
    17H05-17H15 Rania Majdoubi, Lhoussaine Masmoudi, and Abderahmane Elharif, Faculty of Science, Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco, Study and design of an ecological mobile robot for spraying greenhouse strawberries
    17H15-17H25 Meryem Bouras, and Hassan Berbia, ENSIAS, Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco, Attitude Control Approches’s Review for ADCS Optimization and faults tolerance
    17H25-17H35 Moutaouakil, Abdelhakim, Jabrane Younes, Koumina My Abdelaziz and RehaAbdelati, Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco, The effect of a circular slot on the bandwidth of the
    17H35-17H45 Mohammed Mohssine, AHMED BOUHA Ismail, AHMED BOUHA Ismail and Mohammad Rayyan, EMI, Mohammed V University, Smart Home Automation System Using Raspberry
    17H45-17H55 Mohammad Rayyan, Mohamed EL Azzouzi, and Mohammed Mohssine, EMI, Morocco, A Raspberry Pi based implementation in real time of Sobel&kayyali edge detection
    17H55-18H05 Ayoub Ezzaki, Lhoussaine Masmoudi and Mohamed El Ansari, Faculty of Science Rabat, Morocco, Comparison of edge detectors performance through use in agricultural robotics
    18H05-18H15 Hicham Sahmouda, Khalid Chikh, Abdessamad Malaoui and Abdesslam Lokritti, Sultan Moulay Slimane University, Morocco, The PMSM speed drive improvement using a fuzzy IP-self-tuning controller
    18H15-18H25 Abderrazak El Harti, University Sultan Moulay Slimane, Remote sensing, Crop type mapping and spatiotemporal monitoring of the state of sugar beet using remote sensing data in Tadla plain (Morocco)
    18H25-18H35 Ali Azougaghe ,Mostafa Belkasmi , Mostafa Benmiloud, Mustapha Hedabou, and Benaceur Outtaj. Electronic voting scheme based on additive homomorphic encryption.
    18H35-18H55 Closing Ceremony
  • Day 2: November 22, 2018
Room 1
10:00 – 15:00 Workshop Amature Radio & Telecom (Free of Charge)
Room 2
10:00 – 15:00 Workshop Robotics Systems (Free of Charge)
  • Cultural Tour ( Tourism program will be available Soon )

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